Batman Party

Prices starting from $299*

Batman is a firm favourite and alongside his permanent sidekick, Robin, Batman has been battling for justice against a multitude of villainous criminals. He is different from the other superheroes as he has no superpowers, but rather uses his wit, intelligence and superior knowledge of martial arts to conquer the criminals he sets out to catch. 

He’s an impressive figure without a doubt. Garbed from head to foot in his customary black costume, bat-eared face mask on and with his voluminous cape swirling, he really knows how to make an entrance. 

The kids will be excited as he teaches them some of the karate, kung fu and ninjutsu skills he uses to fight off the baddies. After the kids have had fun learning to move with stealth the way Batman does, he’ll join them in a treasure hunt or a search for the secret opening to the bat cave. 


* Final price will be based on options chosen, final numbers and location. Submit a quote today for final pricing.

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