Character Games Party

Prices Starting from $275*

The character/s of your choice will take the kids on a wonderful adventure where they will get to play loads of great fun, high energy and theme related games. The kids will love learning how to sail the seas like a pirate or mermaid, or practicing sneaking up on mean sisters and shouting great big boos just like a princess, or maybe even learning how to fly like a superhero! With so much to do this package is a sure hit with young and old kids alike!


Some of the popular characters include:


- Alice in Wonderland

- The Mad Hatter

- Harry Potter

- Hermione Granger 

- Luke Skywalker

- Darth Vader

- Obi Wan Kenobi 

- Storm Trooper

- Princess Leia 

- Rey 

- Jessie 

- Buzzl Lightyear

- Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony)

- Fluttershy (My Little Pony) 

- Poppy Troll

- Branch Troll 

- Mario 

- Ash Ketchum (Pokemon)

- Ryder (Paw Patrol) 

- Mary Poppins

- Draculaura (Monster High)

- Clawdeen Wolf (Monster High) 

- Hello Kitty

- Dorothy

- Ninjago 

- Descendents 



- Captain America 

- Hulk

- Ironman

- Spiderman

- Captain Marvel 

- Catboy

- Owlette

- Batman

- Batgirl

- Flash


- Superman

- Supergirl 

- Wonder Woman 

- Bumblebee

- Optimus Prime 

- Mrs Incredible 

- Violet (Incredibles) 

- Minion



- Elsa

- Anna

- Cinderella

- Sleeping Beauty 

- Rapunzel 

- Moana

- Mulan

- Ariel 

- Belle 

- Snow White

- Jasmine

- Sofia The First

- General Royal Princess


Magical Creature

- Fairy

- Unicorn

- Unicorn Fairy 

- Tinkerbell

- Mermaid



- Firefighter

- Army Cadet

- Police Officer

- Racing Driver

- Construction Worker

- Zoo Keeper

- Jungle / Dinosaur Explorer

- Fireman


Animal Onesie

- Dog

- Unicorn 

- Cat

- Lion

- Panda 

- Fox

- Teddy Bear

- Tiger

- Dinosaur 


- Magician

- Circus Ringmaster

- Ghostbusters 

- Crazy Scientist 

- Witch 

- Pirate

- Ninja

- Knight 

- Cowgirl 



1 Hour 

  1. Heaps Of Fun & Funky Games
  2. Cool Parachute Games
  3. Interactive Magic Show
  4. Funny & Fun Balloon Modelling Show
  5. Special Balloon For The Birthday Child
  6. Dancing Games
  7. Stickers For All The Kids

1.5 Hour 

  1. Heaps Of Fun & Funky Games
  2. Cool Parachute Games
  3. Bubble Mania
  4. Interactive Magic Show
  5. Funny & Fun Balloon Modelling Show
  6. Special Balloon For The Birthday Child
  7. Balloon Models For ALL The Kids
  8. Dancing Games
  9. Disco
  10. Stickers For All The Kids

2 Hours 

  1. Heaps Of Fun & Funky Games
  2. Cool Parachute Games
  3. Bubble Mania
  4. Fab Fake Tattoos / Cheek Art (Face Painting)
  5. Interactive Story Telling
  6. Interactive Magic Show
  7. Funny & Fun Balloon Modelling Show
  8. Special Balloon For The Birthday Child
  9. Balloon Models For ALL The Kids
  10. Dancing Games
  11. Disco
  12. Stickers For All The Kids
  13. Photo's and Cake Cutting


* Final price will be based on options chosen, final numbers and location. Submit a quote today for final pricing.

General Information

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you cancel or reschedule the party less than 10 business days (within business hours 9.30am - 5.30pm before the party date, you do loose 50% of any deposits made and 50% is retained by Kids Events & Co. Outside of 10 business days, clients are entitled to a refund or credit of their deposit. Any cancellations or rescheduling of you booking on the actual weekend of the party will unfortunately result in the loss of 100% of any deposits made. Should NSW return to lockdown, the above condition will be superseded by the following - all parties falling within the lockdown period of time will not loose any deposit, and the funds will be held on file for 1 year to be used for a rescheduled / new party. Please note no refund will be given. 

Price Per Child & Minimum Number of Attendees

The host does not charge based on the number of children at any event. The general recommendation is 1 entertainer to every 25 - 30 kids and at this time require the number of attendees to be within the NSW regulations around group meets / guests depending on location of party (park, home, venue etc). 

Prescribed lead time for booking

While we always work with clients with any lead time, we encourage clients get in touch as early as possible to ensure preferred date, time and character as we only work with a small team of exceptional, professional trained performers. 

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