Crystal Kit

Prices starting from $12.00 each + postage (no minimum order)

These crystal kits make a great party favour and a great alternative to bags of lollies or other sweets. They are a keepsake and children can share their experiences with the crystals long after the party. 

Children often have a natural connection to the mineral kingdom. They gravitate toward crystals and have an innate sensitivity to their healing powers.

Kids have so much energy that it can be difficult for them to tune it down during times of rest and relaxation. Crystals and gemstones are one of the best ways to help them calm. Use crystals to calm children, settle their nerves, soothe their active minds, and relax their bodies.

Crystals can help kids feel safe and protected and they can help them focus and study by improving concentration.

This kit includes:

  • Natural rose quartz - calming and healing
  • Smokey quartz - increases concentration
  • Carnelian - sparks creativity
  • Sodalite - protection from nightmares and reduces stress
  • Hessian Bag with name tag
  • Card with a description of the crystals, their meaning and how to use them

Warning: As with any small object, be careful that you keep small crystals out of toddlers' reach so that they don't become a choking hazard


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