Junior Spy Party

Prices starting from $299*

Junior Spy Party (ages 3 - 7)

A fun filled, sneaky, spying and code breaking party your birthday kid will absolutely love. Our stealthy Spy Master will appear suddenly in your midst and take your guests on an espionage adventure they won’t forget in a hurry.

Kids are quickly drawn into the story of missing treasure, then they discover there’s a traitor in their midst (a baddie in a red hat!). They must act quickly to crack the code and solve the case.

This party works well both in and outdoors, all you need to provide are a few spots to hide our sneaky clues and the treasure, which could be the birthday cake, a treat for all the kids or the birthday child’s favourite toy.

The Spy Master arrives with the clues to solve the mystery. All clues are in visual/picture format and easy for early readers to decipher. Working together as a team, the party guests must solve each clue in turn before solving the puzzle and identifying the ‘baddie’ who has stolen the treasure.

The Spy Master keeps the kids active with a series of exciting games designed to hone their spy skills and bring them closer to solving the mystery and finding the prize.

Once the treasure is found and saved, the final battle fought (with balloon swords) and the cake cut, the Spy Master slips away unseen (but for a trail of cake crumbs), leaving behind awesome memories and a bunch of happy new experts of espionage.

Your Spy Master will be in contact with you to arrange the most effective way to make his or her entrance, and as a trained professional, they will keep the kids busy with activities and mystery solving all party long. All you have to do is watch, enjoy, and prepare snacks for hungry spies once the treasure is found.


* Final price will be based on options chosen, final numbers and location. Submit a quote today for final pricing.

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