Lightning McQueen Party

Prices starting from $299*

The Lightning McQueen entertainer knows just how to accelerate fun levels to the max and makes any event a rip roaring success. There’s no idling when he’s around and the party will tick over as smooth as any well-tuned Rolls Royce engine.


There’ll be lots of Cars themed party games as well as traditional ones until the kids run out of energy and need to refuel with some slices of well-earned birthday cake. Before he heads home to park himself in his garage, the Lightning McQueen entertainer will take the kids on a final lap of honour. He will bring along everything needed for the entertainment including the music, lollipops and prizes for all the children.


Wearing red and black racing overalls, and a cap with headphones and mic, he’ll take pole position, get out the green flag and get the party started. He’ll be in tip top condition do, and while we haven’t given him a recent overhaul, rest assured his working with children qualifications are up to date and if he was a car, he’d be totally roadworthy.

* Final price will be based on options chosen, final numbers and location. Submit a quote today for final pricing.

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