Plaster Painting Party

Prices starting from $430*

You will be impressed with our great quality BIG plasters (around 15-20cm). We also have a huge range of flat and 3D shapes to excite the children!

Age group:

  • 4 - 12 year olds

What we provide:

  • A Professional Entertainer
  • A variety of flat and 3D great quality plasters
  • A huge assortment of coloured paint and brushes
  • Animal scratch masks
  • Table coverings
  • Music system for atmosphere
  • Party games (in case they finish early)

What we do:

  • The Entertainer will arrive early to set up all the vibrant paints and to display the plasters.
  • You will be impressed with our collection of flat and 3D plasters all around 15-20cm.
  • They will also set up a portable speaker to create that party atmosphere.
  • Each child gets to choose TWO plasters to paint.
  • While they are painting the Entertainer will put cool tattoos on the children.
  • The children will participate in the BONUS scratch mask activity.
  • At the end of the party we will make time to sing happy birthday to the birthday child.
  • Each child will take home 2 special plaster painting masterpieces.
  • And the BEST PART – we will handle all the clean up!

Duration: (up to 20 children)

  • 1 hour

For 21 – 30 children there is an additional surcharge. Please provide exact numbers so we can make sure we have enough plasters.


* Final price will be based on options chosen, final numbers and location. Submit a quote today for final pricing.

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