Rapunzel Party


Prices starting from $290*

A gorgeous Rapunzul hostess will arrive at your party to take all of your worries away for you. The children will be swept away with engaging stories, dancing and magical fun. Don’t spend time running around getting everything prepared beforehand, we bring everything needed for party fun.

Rapunzul starts the party with a Rapunzul colouring-in activity before the games begin. They then play musical statues, pass the parcel, duck duck goose, musical chairs and what’s the time mr wolf. We bring the music, mats to sit on, plus everything for all the craft and games including a quality prize for every child. We also play racing games (egg and spoon and sack races) if the space allows and chase bubbles. There is lots of dancing, running around and party fun which the boys and girls love!


* Final price will be based on options chosen, final numbers and location. Submit a quote today for final pricing.

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