Science Party

Prices starting from $399*

Our science parties are exciting, educational and lots of fun, with a range of interactive hands-on science experiments perfect for both boys and girls. You can choose from our Crazy Science or Creative Cosmetics themes, or we can even create a tailored package for you combining both.

Our Crazy Kids Science Parties are great for both boys and girls who are looking for some hands on fun! We include making gooey ooze and flubber, frothy volcano eruptions, lava lamps, creating giant bubbles, playing with kinetic sand and instant snow and watching an amazing Diet Coke and Mentos explosion.

Our Creative Cosmetics Parties will give the children an insight into the chemistry of cosmetics, as each guest will make their own flavoured lip balm and bubbly bath bombs, using all natural ingredients. We will also include some of the popular experiments from our Crazy Science Parties.

Our entertainers will bring along all the supplies and equipment needed for the entertainment including lab coats for the helpers to wear so they feel like real scientists when doing the experiments. 

All you need to provide is a table or two on which we can conduct the experiments and have an outdoor area set aside as some of the experiments can get a little messy!


Our Kids Crazy Science Parties & Creative Cosmetics Parties run for 1.5hrs, however of course we can create tailored party packages, so contact us for a quote and to discuss your individual needs!

* Final price will be based on options chosen, final numbers and location. Submit a quote today for final pricing.

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