Kid's Table and Chairs for Hire

Do you need a table for your next kid’s party? We have trestle tables, designed at the perfect height for kids which can comfortably fit 6 of our children’s tiffany chairs. Our child height trestle tables are lightweight and are incredibly safe, sturdy and are wide enough to fit the plates down either side and present food along the centre of the table. The junior trestle table also works perfectly for lolly and dessert buffets, or as a display table.

The chairs are lightweight and suitable for all themed. They are elegant and durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor parties.

Please note that due to current stock availability, we can only provide 10 chairs for hire and trestle tables to suit.

The measurements for the chairs is as follows:

    Full chair height: 62 cm

    Width: 30 cm

    Depth: 34 cm

    Seat height: 33cm

    Kids table and chairs are available for hire only.

    When submitting your quote request, please specify the number of chairs required and we will advise how many tables will be needed to suit. 

    Please note tablecloths and decorations are not included.

    * Final price will be based on location and event requirements. Submit a quote today for final pricing.

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